DMK At Home Hydration Kit

The DMK At Home Hydration Kit is perfect for maintaining ageing or dehydrated skin at home!

Simply apply the Hydrating Masque for 20 minutes after cleansing with Milk Cleanser, remove with cool water and follow with Super Serum, Herb & Mineral Mist plus your favourite DMK nourishing creme.

DMK At-Home Acne Management Kit

The DMK At-Home Acne Management Kit is used to maintain oily or blemished prone skin in between your professional DMK Treatments.

The Acu Masque can be used as a weekly home treatment or applied on specific areas of concern for 20 minutes.

DMK At-Home Enzyme Treatment Kit

The DMK At-Home Enzyme Treatment is designed to improve circulation and leave you with a fresh and radiant glow by flushing away toxins, free radicals and stimulating collagen production.

DMK Travel Collection Kit

The DMK Limited Travel Collection Set is a lovely set, presented in an elegant gift box. 

This luxury set is the perfect gift for loved ones.